Return Policy
Return and Refund Policy for Customers
Annique has a quality guarantee for its customers on all products. It is the responsibility
of the Consultant to replace or refund any defective product or any product with which a
customer is not satisfied.
The Consultant may then return these products to Annique. The products returned will be
subject to verification.
• The unused portion of the product must be returned by the Consultant who exchanged
the product for the customer.
• The product must be accompanied by a Products and Services Rating Form which has been completed in full.
• The purchase date, batch number and customer details are essential for a quick refund.
• The Consultant is responsible for all costs pertaining to the return of the defective products. Annique will pay the shipping costs of replacement products.
• The defective products will be replaced with the same products at the Beautique (Namibia only) or a credit on the debtor’s account may be requested at Home Office.
• Credits will be made within 30 days of receipt of the returned product and the approval of the return thereof.