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Rooibos tea originally comes from Cedarberg Mountains in South Africa. The name rooibos means “red bush” in Afrikaans, owing to the rich red color of the tea. Being both high in antioxidants and free of caffeine, the health benefits of drinking rooibos are similar to green tea. In addition to drinking it, there are many things you can do with rooibos tea to enhance both the natural beauty and health of your skin. It cleanses your hair and gives you that silky smooth look
Our range of beauty products are freshly made with organic and natural red bush herbs. we specialize in the best skin and hair care products and can guarentee the best results. People desire the smooth and silky hair that is soft and full of volume, with our products we can give you the results you always wanted. With our unique formules we can fulfill your desires. We also got your skin covered as our flawless lotions gives your skin an extraordinary forever young look and makes your skin loving soft.
Redbush products contains only the best ingredients that are not tested on animals and we do not use chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances or colouring. In fact we often get asked how we came about with the recipe that makes our products so very special.The alpha hydroxy acid and zinc content of red tea are very good for the skin. Alpha-hydroxy acids are not found naturally from too many sources, but in terms of cosmetic products, it has become very popular, particularly because it can reduce the signs of wrinkles and other premature aging symptoms.
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